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Christopher Hubbard and Emily Del Bello have collaborated on a classic collection that merges their individual styles and visions. Hubbard is known for timeless, curated collections selected for his discerning international clientele. Del Bello is known for her bold and stylish designs. Together, they have created a collection of textiles that combine the best of both worlds.The collection features classic, saturated colors made of the finest, yet durable, materials.

EDBI x Hubbard
EDBI x Hubbard
EDBI x Hubbard

"This collection is inspired by the three people that are important to me in my personal and professional life. I wanted to introduce a collection of gorgeous and elevated fabrics that would be durable and last a lifetime. Using an international color palette, I wanted this collection to be easily paired together and not compete, rather lift each-other up."

- Emily Del Bello


Just like Emily's mother, this wool is a classic. It brings the perfect balance of energy and life through texture but is a solid that will never go out of style, like the importance of Emily's mother in her life. Choosing a limited neutral color palette that makes these timeless.


Inspired by Emily's husbands' unwavering strength and support, this wool mohair is durable and can withstand the everyday uncertainty. Available in sophisticated mauves and vibrant color ways for a European flair.


This wool is playful in texture, reminding Emily of her sister and her playful personality. She is a constant in Emily's life, always there as a supporter. Emily chose neutral colors that can be easily incorporated into one’s space.

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